Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Placement of the Worlds of the Spiral...

What an interesting topic...

As many of you have noticed, the placement of the worlds, as in, the releasing of them into the game is based on real world continents... 

To play it simply, there's a world for almost each continent...

Wizard City - USA
Krokotopia - Africa
Marleybone - Europe
MooShu - Asia
DragonSpyre - Before it got totaled it looked a bit like Central America with the waterfalls and everything...
Grizzleheim - At a loss... This is another moment in history xD Not sure how many places look like this X_x...
Celestia - Now, based on these calculations... We have South America, Antarctica, and Australia left... Now think closely, doesn't Celestia sound like an Antarctica based world?... I think that's the best guess I can give you xD Just in case!

You all heard my suggestions for worlds of course... Because I know you come back here every time I post >=) So 2 original worlds would be Techania, and Myrevania... One technologically based, one darkness based... Both awesome... As for Sir Reginald Bixby's home world... I'm thinking Primenos is a good name if you ask me...

Happy Conspiracy-ness-ing!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Fresh Start!

Um, hi there! My name's Wolf... I just moved in with Chase and the rest of my brothers... I kinda like history and things like that so I uh... Enrolled into the School of Myth... I think my familiar scared Headmaster Ambrose though... Oh dear... Sorry, I'm a little shy! I better go unpack!

It's alright mate, you'll get the hang of it eventually!

In the mean time, I got a request to find a Wizard 101 wallpaper, thank Bartleby that West Karana had just the thing I was looking for!

What better way to celebrate Wolf's arrival into Ravenwood than a very special welcome gift to all those beginning their adventures into the Spiral? And so now, courtesy of KingsIsle once more!...

Welcome to the Spiral young Wizards!

Happy Beginnings!

Onward To History!

Ivan Willowdust is the name and I am quickly on my way to Krokotopia! I'm Chase's brother, youngest of them all! I was enrolled in the School of Life by Headmaster Ambrose because I have an optimistic and cheery personality and my familiar healed him from a paper cut! Poor Headmaster, so much paperwork from all those oncoming students... I do wish I could help further... 

Oh dear, I have an idea! Chase, might you be so kind as to lend me Jinx?

Sure, he's not doing anything, might as well put him to some work, right?

Hey, what are you saying, I'm not some toy you can just lend to children, I am a powerful wizard with the power to destroy worlds!

You look like a bird to me?...


Grrr... Fine, I suppose I don't have much choice... What is it you want child?

I want you to go do Headmaster Ambrose's paperwork for him!

What!? There's like a million student applications in there! Please tell me you're joking!

Sorry, Jinx, I'm not joking! ^_^ Good luck with that though! Here's an apple to keep up the spirit!


Alright, well I have to go back to my studies! ^_^ And to those of you catching on quickly in the Spiral, here's a gift as you enter Krokotopia, courtesy of KingsIsle!

Bye Chase! Good luck Jinx!

Cheers, little bro! As for me, I have other matters to attend to. Good luck to those of you in the lower worlds!

Happy Rising!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Ok, so... Apparently Valentine's Day is in February... Those Time Travel Faires keep messing with me! So... Ignore any Valentine's day related things <_> You didn't see anything...

Jinx wipe their memories!

My pleasure!
*bonks you on the head with a club*

Happy Forgetting!

Happy Friday 13th!

Ello and welcome to yet another Friday the 13th!

Now usually people associate this day with machete wielding maniacs, bad luck, and bill day! But I don't believe anything bad happens, it's all merely coincidence! ^_^ *trips over a spellbook*



Just a slight incident, I left that book there, my fault... T-T

Anyways as I was saying, absolutely nothing bad will happen to anybody today!
Oh, see ya little black kitty!

*piece of ceiling falls on head*

Ouch! I told those Gobblers to stop dancing so dang hard!

Anyways, personally I love Friday 13th! It comes along at unexpected times and that's why it's special! Here, I have a book I wanted to show you! *walks under bookshelf ladder*

And it's called... *reaches out for it*

Why Friday 13 is Better Than Thursday 12!

*bookshelf tilts and lands on Sorion*

Gah! X_x

That's FINE! There's NOTHING wrong! Just a loose bolt I suppose!

ANYWAYS, forget the book then, I need to go wash my face from all this book dust...

*begins to rinse face...*
*dries off and looks into mirror*
*turns around with fear*

The Diary Page Ends There...

Happy Living...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Alright so I gave up on those changes for now... I'll get to them when I actually figure out what I'm doing X_x

Anyways, I was just reading The Awesome Pyromancer's post and I noticed she has a cool little goal on the side... If we can get her to 10k hits she's gonna do something special! Why not help her out a bit eh?

Also, I've made it my own personal goal to reach at least 1k by January 1... If you guys can do that I'm sure I'll have a special surprise for you =)

Minor/Major Changes

A message to all passengers...

Please fasten all your seatbelts, we are about to experience some major turbulence to the site as we change some features... Thank you for your time!

Valentine's Quickly Approaching!

Well Veteran's Day has passed and as we remember those who have given their lives for a country, let us take a moment of silence to honor them...


Now then, Valentines day is 2 days away and it's almost time for that warm hearted SnuggleFest =D Expect some Valentines Day themed stuff to be in town this month!

Also, this might ALSO be a great way to make crowns... If you're not in middle school then maybe you should pass out your Valentine's Day cards and stick your friend code and site on them...

Spread the Wizardly love, eh?

Middle School and up this doesn't work too well, people start judging you at that age >_>

Give it a try if you're bold enough though, nobody's stopping you ^_^

Well that's it for now, I believe change of music is in order!

Pffft, what a stupid holiday...

Happy Snuggling!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moving Up!

So Oran Dawnwielder doesn't want to go up the ranks in MooShu so he's taken a little break thanks to KingsIsle! I went on yesterday and a little bit today to move up the ranks in Grizzleheim! I just finished The Pass and I'm heading into the Roughlands now where a village is in peril and needs a hero who has the power to defeat many great things!

Ah, I almost forgot, I'm in the process of making a wallpaper for everybody out there! Each and every school and they're assigned familiar...

Death = Wraith,

Life = Unicorn,

Myth = Cyclops,

Storm = StormZilla,

Fire = Helephant,

Ice = Colossus,

Balance = Justice (What I call the lady who executes a Judgement)

I'm also going to make one of all the dominating Familiars as in:

Death = Wraith

Life = Centaur

Myth = Orthrus

Ice = Colossus

Fire = Helephant

Storm = Stormzilla

I'll fill ya in when I get them done for ya!

Till then...
Happy Artistic Painting!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Fright: In the Aftermath of Chaos...

Well Halloween is officially over and my stomach hurts... Too much candy I suppose... I took my little brother and sister Trick or Treating and took a portion of their candy as my own... I only took all the peppermints though, since I love peppermints... My breath's pretty minty right now... Speaking of candy... The Halloween Track is up for the site... I think you'll find it hauntingly epic... =)

Anyways where I live there's no such thing as a house pretty much... Not nearby anyways, so I went about 46 blocks including the return trip on the other side of the street, Trick or Treating at any stores that were giving out candy...

Meanwhile, at the homestead, father was handing out Treats to all the children passing by... Being smart however, I attached my Friend Number to them for Wizard101... I'm sure a lot of other people out there took Friendly's approach too ^_^

I went dressed as a Carribean Pirate, my brother went as Bumblebee, the transformer, and my sister went as a pwetty pwincess...

After we hit 23 blocks I realized it we went any further we'd probably keelhaul from the foot pain so we went to the other side of the street and started heading back home...

Along the way, we got a bit more candy and went a few blocks past our house to reach Walgreens...

You should always reconsider your options...

When we reached Walgreens, we went inside the Trick or Treat, but the guy inside was wearing a scary evil undead Jester Costume... Needless to say, my sister ran for the door... I did get the candy for them though...

Then we headed back home to count our candy and... Shall we say, split the portions?

Ah the sweet fun of Halloween... I love Mogloween/Halloween/Hallow's Eve/Hallowe'en so much... ^_^

The Annual Battlefield...

The ghosts and ghouls are out tonight,
But the Trick or Treaters are here to fight...

Go Trick or Treat, and send them back,
Fill up with candy, such a yummy snack...

Candy Corn takes care of Frankenstein,
And with Peppermints, Jekyll won't be fine...

Swamp Monster got ya down?
Show him some chocolate, while dressed as a clown...

It's a battlefield out there, ya'll...
But with a sack full of candy, we'll have a ball!

Just a little poem I whipped up on the spot ^_x

Happy Dentist Visiting!