Monday, October 11, 2010

Celestia Adventures!

I finished uploading ALL my pictures. And I turned them into a YouTube slideshow. I'll be uploading it here soon, when it finishes uploading. It's from the start of my Adventures in the Survey Camp, to the End fighting of the Protector of Celestia's magic, and of course exploring Celestia a while after having defeated it. =]

Video's up! And here ya go! =]

Here's the link so you can see it in full screen, and you can read most of the words. =]

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Finished Celestia! Got my Skeletal Dragon! And now the only challenging task left, is to give you the entire story of my adventures in Celestia. I'm just going to upload my pictures and name them all. Blargh. I have too many.

Happy Picture Sorting!

Get Ready!

For a BIG post. I'm plowing straight through Celestia, and I'm in the middle of retreiving the Sun Stone. So when I finish, I'll show you pictures of all the stuff along the way, and my adventures from the start to finish of Celestia. And boy is it a LOT.

Also, yesterday many players became aware a BIG bug. When players needed to activate the moon portal, it wouldn't work. I worked around it, and raced to it while he world loaded and it worked. Good luck with that T_T

On a side note. On my first day of Celestia, I spotted the Legendary Thomas Lionblood! I chased after him but he escaped. I'll keep a sharp lookout for him. O_o

Friday, October 8, 2010


YES? YES! - runs over to stranger's house -


Stranger: ?!?!?!


Stranger: What?


- runs out door to get on Test Realm and train in Star magic -