Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Have a really Happy New Year everybody! I'm going to be spending the next few days with my family! I'm sure you've all got exciting things in store for your family! Hope you enjoy yourselves!

Happy New Yearing!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy a Wonderful Holiday Season with all your families out there! I myself am heading out to Lake Tahoe to see my first snowfall! I thank you all for sticking around here at the Reneverian Hex! Season's greetings to everybody! =]

Happy Seasoning! ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


At last I have obtained the powerful power of Power Nova! I took the liberty of heading to Grizzleheim to test it out. I think I'm going to enjoy it quite a bit!

I also had the liberty to do Mallistaire. Good fun. =]

Happy Soloing!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


3 seconds away from defeating Chronius the server went down for maintenance. I fizzled 3 TIMES IN A ROW, when he was about to die D=. It's horrid luck. The only thing that could make me happy right now. Is listening to these hilarious dialogues from Headmaster Ambrose xD...


I mean, Happy Watching!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Silent Nightcaps Are Out!

I'm logging in right now. I'll take a picture when I get on! =]

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gamer of the Year?

This might be old. Or not? I'm not sure. But I noticed it anyhow and I thought I might as well put it on here in case it's NOT. x]

You already know what game to vote for ;)

Happy Voting!

Morganthe Wallpaper

Thought I'd give it a shot. Watching Morganthe via one of Professor Halestrom's TV like inventions. =] Enjoy!

Click on the picture below to enlarge the actual size. =] By the way, for those of you who don't know TRH is The Reneverian Hex. ;)

Happy Wallpapering!

Wizard101 Celestia Commercial

Just saw this on TV. Morganthe just looks so amazingly sick I had to share it in case you guys didn't see it yet. Best commercial ever!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Waiting on Aide

Yep. I'm waiting for Melissa to log on. I think finishing the Crystal Grove might get me to 48. I hope so! I was sad to discover that yes in fact, powerleveling had been removed, but I could still use higher level wizards to smack my way through the lower worlds. =] In the meantime I'll keep staring at this screen, waiting for it to say Melissa has logged on. Blah!

Happy Waiting!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Power Nova Day 3

And still trying... I really need that Nova xD... It's so bad I can't stand it O_o'

I mean, I feel like really, I created it >_> I probably didn't, but nobody's ever confirmed to me when I asked them where they got their idea from. I remember a while ago, there was a thread on the thoughts of old power nova. It was originally, give 2 pips to all your friends. I suggested, that it do damage instead and additionally gave a weaken to each monster. When it got released I was bragging to all my friends, "Haha, KingsIsle took my suggestion!"

Regardless, even if they didn't get the suggestion from me. I had the idea before it came out, back when people wanted Nova to hit damage to everybody and have a 50% chance to KO everybody. Yeah, I'm sure that'll go into game, not that Ra's far behind on that idea...

Happy Suggesting!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ask Jinx! Third Edition

Hi guys! I got a question in the mail recently, so I'll let Jinx take over and answer it! =] Take it away Jinx!

Thanks... Sigh. Alright, let's get this over with. So, yeah... Here's the question.

I am looking for the gardening guys in each world. Is there a list somewhere?

Yeah! To answer your question. There IS a list for the Gardening Moles in each world. And it's located, in none other than this very site! How convenient! 

In This Post Chase tells us where he finds all of the current Gardeners. Just so you don't have to go aaaaall the way back there to find it, though I'll just tell you here. You can find the Gardeners in Golem Court in Wizard City, next to the Pyramid in the Oasis in Krokotopia, in MooShu in the little shopping area of the commons, you can't miss him, and In Celestia, just in the commons. I hope this helps!

Thanks Jinx! Alright, guys. I'm off to go get that Nova... Maybe I shouldn't SAY that, because then I won't actually do it >_> I need to go find my Storm Friend who'll just push my way through DragonSpyre. ^_^'

Happy Leveling!

Broken Promises...

Ok... So I broke that promise. It's harder than I thought to go up 2 levels in a few hours. I'm gonna try to use the Lunarium/Portico to power level Oran, my balance wizard. It only gives me about 10k exp per run. So let's see how that goes. I'm at school right now, but wish me luck when I get home guys xD

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This I Swear!

THIS. IS. WIZARD 101! - kicks Mallistaire into a dark pit -

I NEED to get this Nova Card. And I'm not stopping today till I get it! I need to kick everything in my way into a dark pit that's an obvious reference to the movie 300. Well... Maybe I'll just use Judgement and Hydra for the time being... >_>

Happy Spell-Achieving!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lyrics to Marleybone Anthem

I created lyrics to the Marleybone Anthem! =] I hope you guys like them! I know I've been singing them for quite a while. More to come!

Marleybone Anthem

In Marleybone's eternal night, the stars and the moon will arise...

In Marleybone, the home of hounds... The moonlight's all, that lights your path...

Beware, beware! All's not as it seems. There's danger lurking in all of good ol' Marleybone.

Burglars. Clockwork drones. Spiders. Chimney Sweeps. Mazes. Hidden Doors. And so much more.

We're all in need, of a hero to praise. We're all in need, of a hero to revere!

But. Don't you fear. You're not alone. We are here. By your side.

Together. We will stand! For we shall end this disorder, with logic and tact.

~Instrumental Pause (Sounds Same as Line the third line)~

In Marleybone! In Marleybone! All hope is not lost. Fight back bretheren!

~Instrumental Ending~

Balance has it's disadvantages...

And by this I mean... This game can never be 100% bug free. =(

They got rid of several bugs. But now there's a big one =( Quest Help doesn't work! D= It's busted. Which I mean. I'm just sad because I got used to it, so now I have to go back to my old days, when I pressed M every 3 seconds, to see where I was going. I hope they fix it soon though.

EDIT: By this I mean. It stays completely static. Nooooo movement or number changing whatsoever.

RE-EDIT: It seems to be fixed O_o' Maybe it was just one of those small bugs that only effects 1 person for like an hour or so. *shrugs* KI's still #1 then! x]

Happy M-pressing!

Friday, December 10, 2010


And I just need to say. Bravo KingsIsle. In this update, KI has somehow managed to fix each and every single well known bug, as well as release Gardening.

A few things to note though:

Balance Wizards: You guys are now better helpers. You can now use Helping Hands to revive friends! =] This is just one of those reasons I stopped working on Oran, my Balance Master. I hated having a Half-Heal spell. It now does 50+490 over 3 turns I believe. I think this is pretty deadly. With a Sanctuary goin' on, and a Guiding Light, you can effectively heal someone back up to most of their HP in no time. For 3 pips. Also! Unbalance has been added to Mildred Farseer. Balance Wizards should enjoy this dispell card, but so should most of you who hate fighting Balance in PvP.

Want some advice? Pop an Unbalance in your deck. Then when you fight a Sorcerer, keep it on the side, and right before they attack. BAM. Dispell. It'll hurt them so bad. They might as well lose. Keep shielding yourself from their attack in the meantime though, just in case! ;)

More in a while.

Happy Unbalancing!