Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NPC of the Day

Ello fellows Wizards! I've been working on something =P I love Friendly's cards, and I decided I wanted to make some of my own. But then I realized, that I couldn't find a single darn template for cards. Go figure, maybe I just can't find any xD

So I decided, to give up, and make my own cards. Obviously, as you can see by my blog here, I love technology xD Anything that looks digital and cybernetic. I ALSO realized, that we ignore the NPCs a lot. Friendly does a great job with spells and players, but I haven't found a single place where anybody's made any cards of the NPCs... Since this is the first day, I won't be using an actual NPC today, instead I made one of myself ^_^ so you can see how the cards look like. =)

Chase SilverBane

Right! I misspelled spiral xD But we'll pretend the world misspelled sprial =) That's how all the future NPC cards are gonna look, the NPCs should all feel better and drop their lawsuits now! ^_^

*NPCs leave with their lawyers*

Happy Technological Creations!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ask Jinx! Second Edition

Ello mates! It's been a long time since you guys sent in some questions. Again! Remember you can send them to with your in game name and I'll have them answered. But I've gotten a few this week. So Jinx is ready to answer! X_x Some of these are strategy questions, and the some are asking about equipment.

Before we start though. Our hearts go out to those affected in the Haiti Earthquake. If you would like to help please donate to the American Red Cross International Response

And now on with the show.

Ask Jinx!

Sigh... You know the deal... Need I even talk?

Ivan MoonWeaver asks...

i heard about this boss in dragonspyre thats a big pain my friend told me that she usess all these shields and stuff making her nearly impossible to beat. who is she and how are yo usupposed to beat her?

Right... Well I believe the boss you're talking about is Mavra Flamewing...

Well basically, this battle isn't as hard as your friend makes it sound. It's true that she gets heavily shielded. But you shouldn't worry about that. When you first talk to her she's going to be saying. Shield yourself, defend yourself. Ignore her. She's storm so if you're myth, this is a god sent boss. Your Earthquake and Minotaur will eat through her shields and if not, well it's not the end of the world. She's really your main target. She comes along with 2 Protection Pox, which are mainly the ones who keep dishing out the shields to her. Ignore them for the time being. You should really focus on her. Once she's out of the way then it's all downhill from there. If you're going to be at least a little bit protective, I suggest you bring some sort of Storm Shield. Anything more is useless. Once you've got her down, just attack until the Pox die. It might take a while though what with all the shields. You should get a minion out in case you run out of cards and for some strange reason don't have Reshuffle. Her minions CAN use Spirit shield... It's annoying we know, and they can use them repeatedly, but if you're death you can just by pass those... If you're myth just break them down with a good Earthquake if you have it. And for the rest of you, just smack away until they all break, you and your minions.

Phew... Next question.

Haley IronBane asks...

My myth friend just reached level 41 and he told me that he was already set for DragonSpyre. He told me that his main character that's a life guy, got the best myth hat and traded it via the bank to him. But when I went to check on Central, I saw that it said no trade. Is he lying or is it something else I'm missing?

Hmm... Well... I believe this is the hat you're talking about? 

I see what you mean here. It clearly says no trade doesn't it? However, I believe sometime during a recent update those types of hats were made tradeable. I know this for a fact, because Chase found that exact same hat, and traded it to his younger brother Wolf. By the way on a side note... Your friend isn't exactly "set" in DragonSpyre yet. One, he has to be a Grandmaster to wear that hat. He's gonna be in MooShu clothing for about 9 levels if he's gonna wait. And then there's the robe, and shoes, and athame, and ring, and deck, and sword, and pet. So... You might be busy soon helping him farm for all those! 

Well that's all for today... Chase has some silly book thing going on, so stay tuned for that... And a new post for a spell suggestion many of you balance wizards will love...

This has been Jinx signing out... Stay evil... >=)

Happy Eviling!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BriskBreeze Tower... A Place... Of EBIL!

Right so... Melissa, her mother, and I all went into BriskBreeze tower cold, only rumors as knowledge.

Originally I'd heard about the bosses being able to skip you... The meteors... The works!

So I made sure to be careful of course. I have to say however, that KingsIsle designed this place, to wipe you out on your first shot if you haven't experienced it before... Here's the video of our first shot going inside... Our strategy was simple, kill the Scarecrow quickly and then worry about the measly little minion...

I'm sure KingsIsle realized most of us think like that xD (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to pause the music if it disturbs your viewing)

Ouch... Needless to say we tried it again, in full knowledge of what awaited now. (Well not really but at least that first boss ^_^)

We defeated him. And then we realized he was only the first of the weakest... And then we ran into all sorts of problems with computers and stuff xD

Gee, we're horrible! But, needless to say... We shall venture into that dark place again in the future... Why? I am down to 2 single quests! That, and to craft Marleybone items... Scrap Iron hates me so... This comes first! ^_^

In other news! I'm at a party right now at Stormdrain Tower. I can barely walk >_> So head on over to Test Realm and help crash these servers! =D You also get some crowns just for logging in. Only on Test Though! X_x

Happy Rescuing!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The History of the Spiral Series: Marleybone

With Marleybone now being an independent world on its own. Its inhabitants began to adapt to their surroundings. Marleybone luckily, was a piece of the First World filled with rich resources. It natives began to advance and develop and thus began the civilizations of Marleybone. The Dogs of Marleybone were originally tribes who warred with each other constantly. Peace was at a loss during this period of time. But a great hunter by the name of Beormutt defeated all of the other clans in a mighty battle. The Dogs realized what a waste of life it was to war, and it was then sworn that all Dogs should only strive for peace. Over the years Marleybone began to advance in both technology and the arts. While the idea of kings became more and more despised, the Marleybonians became interested in ancient Marleybone, thus began the era of what is now known as, The Rebirth. The idea of kings was lost, and the most brilliant of Marleybone were the poets and the scientists, such as Lady Chelsea and Sir Laurence Hyde.  With this great new age of rediscovering ancient knowledge, new inventions were born, one of the most notable being the printing press. The Rebirth not only affected the sciences, but the kingdom itself, starting with Queen Ellen. One day, a popular printer ended up in prison because he spoke out against the government. The people were outraged and a revolt seemed likely. However, Queen Ellen released him and formed a parliament. This period of time was named, the Golden Age. The Golden Age forever changed science in Marleybone, but the greatest of the discoveries, would be made by Herold Digmoore. Herold Digmoore studied ancient myths for parliament. One evening he spoke a line of ancient text and suddenly found himself in Wizard City! With the discovery of the Spiral and of power, new scientific inventions were inspired, as well as the exploration of other worlds and of their ancient past. Science and magic were now moving at a faster pace than ever seen before in Marleybone. Life became leisure as Marleybonians no longer had to do hard jobs like farming. However, the advances allowed certain individuals to become more powerful than others. Marleybone had been stable for a long time, but the shifts of power could eventually come to unbalance Marleybone’s stability. But so long as peace reigned in Marleybone, other worlds would look to Marleybone for enlightenment and knowledge. Eventually, peace was disrupted in Marleybone as the Civil War began. The sneaky Cats began to fight with the Dogs and soon a war broke out. Eventually after much struggling, the Dogs of Marleybone had won the war. Peace had been restored for the time being. But years later, rumors of a cat gang began to arise…

The History of the Spiral Series: The First World

In the beginning the land was peaceful. It was just Lady Nightstar and Bartleby. The Great Tree and the Great Raven. Together and happy, but they soon became lonely. Their loneliness led them to the decision to create children. They created the fierce Dragons, the powerful Tritons, and the might Giants. The children divided the First World upon themselves. The Dragons took the land, the Giants ruled from the skies, and the Tritons controlled the seas. Peace reigned during this time. But as with all things, peace does not last forever. Soon they began to fight over what each other owned, and who was the most powerful. Thus they created what we now know of, as the first schools of magic. The Dragons began using powerful spells of Fire in defense against the Tritons and the Giants. The Giants developed the magic of Ice to combat the Tritons and the Dragons. And the Tritons, invented the powerful spells of Storm, to rise up against the Dragons and the Giants. The constant fighting saddened Bartleby and Raven. Eventually, the fight went so far that the very world itself broke apart into pieces. As the pieces of the First World scattered, Lady Nightstar thought quickly and without haste, threw the Spiral out into the universe, trapping all of the pieces into place. Bartleby was left alone and his roots were left only to a small part of the once glorious land. From this day forth, the creatures that once inhabited the First World would each develop their own different cultures and history. This was the beginning of the separate histories of the Worlds of the Spiral. The First World was no longer one world, but many...

So much process... It hurts!

We've all been very, very busy lately... Very diligently studying. Here's a lowdown on what everybody's accomplished for far...

Dustin has finished Krokotopia!

Wolf has arrived in MooShu, and has leveled up into the requirments for clothing there!
He's styling the best MooShu hat for myth ^_^

Oran has arrived at DragonSpyre and is making his way through the Plaza of Conquests!

And Chase is on an important mission, to document the history of the Spiral...

So that's what's been happening... We're progressing quite fine indeed. I actually need some help with BriskBreeze, so if anybody wants to volunteer, we'll talk it out X_x

Right, well as mentioned, I'm off to finish my mission. I'm sure my brothers have a lot of work to do as well...

Happy Missions!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Collection of History

I'm right now, in the process of writing up the entire history of all the Spiral worlds, start to finish. From the beginning of the Spiral with Raven and Bartleby. To the moment you arrive into Wizard City. 

This will be, The History of the Spiral...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! Thanks for sticking with the blog! I love you all so much and I'm looking forward to an entire new year filled with fun and adventures!

Happy New Year!