Friday, September 4, 2009

No Post in a Month?!

1 word... School is painful! Anyways, the reason I haven't posted in a while is because I was off in Summer School! No, I'm not a bad kid but simply I went there to take a head start on next year's classes. Anyways, that means I haven't been on Wizard 101 for a while X_x Although it seems it hasn't changed much! X_x Now I've been having some ideas! How about Techania and Moryta hmm? Random names, I think not! I think these puppies would make great worlds! After Celestia we could head of into the digital/magic world of Techania and then wonder off into the dark undead realm of Moryta! Now I'm not sure but perhaps Celestia would be the world that = Sir Reginald the Zebra you see all over the Spiral. Lemme know what you think mainly because, I'm on crossed fingers that this happens! See you in the Spiral! Cheers!