Friday, April 30, 2010


Darn you Friendly Necromancer! xD I was originally planning to do what you can see Friendly did xD But he beat me to it >_>

So, I'm gonna cover some of the stuff nobody else seems to have covered. Pet Pavillion isn't the ONLY thing released you know? Stick around for me hopefully getting to it first xD

On a side note... I have been OWNING at the Pet Derby... NOBODY beats me xD Friendly Necromancer, I challenge you, Christina, and your wife to a Pet Derby race! xD

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Test Realm Day 1

Ok so, I've been on Test Realm all day! that's like 6 hours... And I'm exhausted. BUT I took a ton of pictures and I'm going to explain them all to you as soon as I post them up here.

Stay tuned eh?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So... Pets?

So I'm sitting here. Watching TV and suddenly I see a Wizard 101 commercial. And I recognize that the music is different. So I sit down to watch it, and it's a commercial about pets.

So here's a math question for you.

Sorion + Drink + Drinking + Wizard 101 Commercial + Stunned = ?

That's exactly what happened. I nearly choked! I'm sitting here drinking, and when he says, now more fun with pets, I forgot to swallow and a lot of orange juice went down my throat unswallowed xD So yeah!

GO NOW! GO MATES! It's time to get our pet groove on =)

Come on Gizmo! Let's head on out!

Happy Racing! =)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celestia is getting SO much closer...

And I can't wait! I'm like at a loss, on whether to be excited for Celestia coming, or it being totally WATER based...

See, in any game I play... I've always had an... Affinity I suppose you could say, to water... I'll go for Ice/Water/Or Necromancers in any game... And it's mainly because... Water rocks man. I can't stress that enough. Heck you need it to survive.

Anyways, expect Celestia. We ALL know it's coming out in June now. Or at least the quests are. COME ON, I cannot wait xD Maybe they'll finally release that mission Grizzleheim house too xD Meh one can only dream...

Also, a thought came to me... If we're getting new Astral schools... Then shouldn't that mean, new Astral Themed School houses?... Just a thought. Lemme know what you think about that idea, I'd LOVE to see some Astral houses. Maybe like, NEON O.o

Well I'll catch ya later.

Happy Speculating!