Friday, February 19, 2010

Back and Pretending Nothing Happened T-T

Right! I'm back mates! And I've just bought myself a set of Seraph Wings (I don't support evil T-T) and that staff Friendly mentioned. I honestly never realized what a big advantage it gave... I mean, 2 pips spells in Wizard 101 and Krok usually blast through everything when you're level 5+... 

It's amazing... 

By the way...

Happy Valentine's Day to anybody who realized it was... Actually! I have a Valentine's Day post for you, left in storage! Gasp, it's like destiny... Go up to the link bar at the top and click Holidays and voila, you should find a Valentine's Day post for ya! =D

On a side note, I might need some more crowns to buy the mace and the sword... Although I still think we're gonna need Ultra Pips soon. (Ultra Pip = 3 pips) I would think, once you reach 100% Power Pip chance, you start reaching the chance to get Ultra Pips.

Anyways, about future posts, I'm gonna now post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to make it a bit easier on my busy schedule and so you guys can have a more predictable post to look forward to.

So, the wings... They are epic.

They are so smooth, I haven't gotten stuck ONCE at any corners and what not. It's like flying... I personally wouldn't have minded it to be a tad bit higher, but I don't mind much, wings are wings right?

Next week, I might find myself buying either 5,000 crowns or another 10,000 crowns to get the sword.

Note: The Sword is DEATH... Do you have ANY idea how perfect that is? Here I am, without Ivan's Sword... And then this wonderful sword that is the best in the game comes along... And it's death... It's like KingsIsle just came by to drop by the answer to the universe.

Did anybody else think, that these weapons are a preview to the Celestia world? Bet you are now ;)
If I remember right, a mate over in Marleybone mentions a "golden" pocketwatch from Celestia...

If you ask me, those weapons look pretty golden and fancy to me O.o (Celestia = Seraph birthplace!) =D

So yeah, I'll drop by in a few minutes to upload some pictures of Wolf in MooShu having fun with his Seraph wings.

Melissa's gonna be sooooo jealous >=) Cheers mates!

Happy Flying!

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