Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celestia is getting SO much closer...

And I can't wait! I'm like at a loss, on whether to be excited for Celestia coming, or it being totally WATER based...

See, in any game I play... I've always had an... Affinity I suppose you could say, to water... I'll go for Ice/Water/Or Necromancers in any game... And it's mainly because... Water rocks man. I can't stress that enough. Heck you need it to survive.

Anyways, expect Celestia. We ALL know it's coming out in June now. Or at least the quests are. COME ON, I cannot wait xD Maybe they'll finally release that mission Grizzleheim house too xD Meh one can only dream...

Also, a thought came to me... If we're getting new Astral schools... Then shouldn't that mean, new Astral Themed School houses?... Just a thought. Lemme know what you think about that idea, I'd LOVE to see some Astral houses. Maybe like, NEON O.o

Well I'll catch ya later.

Happy Speculating!

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