Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Prismatic Morphemic Suggestion

Ello mates! As you know, I've been thinking about a new card that maybe Sorcerer's might like. I thought about it for a while, on if I should suggest it due to the fact that it might be overpowered. And then I realized that it wouldn't be overpowered at all.

First of all, it's not an attack card. No damage or anything, it's just a trap.

Second of all, if it's placed in game in Celestia, then by the time you get there, what would you possibly storm through?

And third of all, hydra and spectral blast have it's limits, considering how Balance monsters have no weakness to Elemental attacks.

So, after all that, I would say that I have 3 card suggestions for you. Only this one that I'm showing you is my full invention though. The other 2 developed from it, but the other might actually overpower Sorcerer's a bit...

Mystic prism. It's ability is like most other prisms. Switches incoming Balance damage into something else.

Wow Sorion! That's awesome! Now I can own everything! Nah. The hitch is, that the Mystic Prism is SO overcharged with all the Magical Schools, that it will convert the Balance Damage into a random school element. That could be bad or good for you depending on your situation. We don't know.

But yeah, that's about it. The other 2 were Elemental and Spectral Prism. Spectral Prism would way overpower Sorcerers. NOTHING would be able to be resistant against them. Waaaaaay bad. And then Elemental Prism has a bit more prowess. I could really see that in game too. But Mystic Prism seems more fun. I suppose if anything, using a Judgement card with the prism on a Balance monster, will let you hit normal damage, unless of course there's shields. But yeah, lemme know what you think. Anyway to improve it? Like the idea? Hate it? OR am I just crazy? Probably...

P.S. Thanks for reading the blog guys, Eternally Green is about to reach 1k viewers. I reached 1k a while ago. I'm not sure if I made a big deal out of it... Maybe I didn't notice... - facepalm - Either way though! We're halfway past 1k so nice job guys! Stuff like that makes me wanna not drop a Nuclear bomb on the entire world while I lie safely in a bunkhouse on the moon, if you get what I'm saying... "Caphishe?" Thanks a lot guys! I wrote this AFTER this post so... Here comes the Happy ___________ing! =)

Happy Prism-ating!


  1. NO NO NO NO ):
    i already have enough difficulty in pvp with tower shields xD

    I think it should be a balance only spell.
    because technically it's all the schools together.

    which is what balance really is.


    Balance is better.

  2. WELL it IS Balance only. Like all prisms >_> And tower shield would still block it xD