Saturday, November 22, 2014

Giveaway Winner! Congratulations!

EDIT: Just gonna let you know that I posted this on like November 19th but Blogger went kapoot on me somehow, it's never happened before, but the post disappeared and I had to retype it. What a joy that was. LOL. Carry on.

Hellooooooo, everyone!

So, I've been meaning to get back into blogging Wizard 101 on a much more casual level, maybe even about once a week. 

To celebrate the occasion I decided to hold a giveaway for the brand new 1 + 1 phone. I got my hands on an invite and am totally willing to give away a 64Gb version!

Dang. Flagship killer huh? LOL.

Now let me tell you something about these phones. They are DIRT CHEAP for what they are. High tech, smartphones, UNLOCKED, for less than $400 dollars. WHAT?

I've already decided the winner through some sneaky emails I sent to some of the people I've met on Wizard 101 within the past few weeks and a randomizer. I suppose you could say I went on an undercover mission finding some new blood for the blog hehe. (:

ANYWAYS, they'll be getting an email from me within the next few days so that I can get their shipping info and what not.

Next time I give a giveaway though I'll probably be opening it to everyone, as giveaways usually are done. It's just that I collected a pretty ok size of friends on Wizard 101 and thought it would be cool to do a small mini private giveaway between them. Haha.

Anyways, in other news. I've thought about also blogging about some other games I'm playing. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out recently and I'm planning on playing that a lot when I get it either this Saturday or Sunday, or maybe I'll have to wait till Monday.

I've also become an avid League of Legends player and a Fantasy Life addict so I think there's merit in covering some other games on the blog too.

Thankfully, I'm much older now and am able to clean up the site's HTML and art much more than I could in the past where the best I could do was Google line by line what I needed to do. So, look forward to an updated site in the near future.

And yeah! I expect in the future the giveaways won't be $400 dollar phones but more game related things, and they won't come around very often, but yeah I got the invite and got my hands on enough money for one but I already have an iPhone 6 so I decided to do a mini-giveaway between some of my new Wizard 101 friends. (:

The winner didn't want their identity revealed so I was like aight, cool. No problem.

Anyways! Look forward to some Wizard 101 and other games from now on, and one last thing. I decided membership wasn't worth it for me on Wizard 101 so have become a Crowns User. I have about half of the Spiral unlocked. Mainly important places like Loremaster and The Commons for each world which came in handy for the Professor event. I'm working on getting the Digmoore Pogo, and I got the Ravenwood Pogo within a day or two. It's the only mount I use now haha. 


Catch ya around the Spiral!

Sorion Hex

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