Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Day on the Job...

After reading Friendly's blog for a while, I decided "Eh, what the heck, I'll make a blog..." And so this is the first official post! * I'm Chase Silverbane, but you can call me Sorion Hex.

I used to like blogging when I was little but I guess I never got the hang of it. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a busy brother with a little sister and a little brother, both annoying but I love them. ** Anyways, I think my passions would be writing, I'm planning on one day making a book about a Wizard *** and turning it into a video game. I was there with the big VMK shutdown and play some other single player and multiplayer games. **** I wanted to try World of Warcraft to be honest with you but I came across 2 issues. 1) It took WAY too long to download, and 2) My computer's memory would have cried and exploded. I had found the Wizard 101 website one day by mistake and it didn't really interest me, so I ignored it and went in search of another game. But months later, my friend Melissa ***** pointed me in the direction of Wizard 101 again. Naturally I said, "But it seems so boring..." Oh how wrong I was; I immediately got hooked. You know something funny? When you first start out you have that "noobness" about you. I remember I chose death because of one of the other games I play and I said "WOW! I just hit 90 damage with this awesome sprite!" Noob. Now as a Grandmaster if somebody uses a Sprite on me my armor's defense makes it virtually useless, and I'll pretend it was a wand card.****** As for the game itself I have all my Wizard Slots filled in, and I'm not really a fan of the school of Ice ******* so aside from that I have all the schools. But enough about me for now, let's talk about the game.

The main purpose of this blog is mainly to let you know what I do on Wizard 101. I'll probably give you some hints and tricks I've figured out myself. I've always said there's 2 kinds of people in the world, those who know about Wizard 101 and those who don't. If you're one of those who don't know about Wizard 101, let me give you a quick breakdown. Wizard 101 is a kid friendly MMORPG that uses a card game system in battles. So simple even a caveman can do it! ******** However, if you get bored of battles why not try housing? That's right! The folks at Kingsisle recently implemented housing so when you turn level 15, you can get yourself a nice little island to live in. Personally I live in the Royal Estate, VERY beautiful, and VERY workable with many items around the spiral. Anyways, that's today's little bit of insight for you.

Hope to see you in the Spiral!

*Applause. /**You gotta love kids... /***Wonder where that inspiration came from? /****
Yes Runescape included -_- /*****You'll be seeing her a lot! /******Although wand cards in DragonSpyre are generally stronger... /*******Tower Shield >_< /********Copyright Geico?

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