Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Gift from a Friend...

Bonjour! Now I'm sure a lot of you are very confused in Grizzleheim, I sure am... I keep getting lost and turning the wrong way... I love it! Gives me a little challenge at such a high level... Anyways, Then I realized that you guys must get lost pretty easy too... Now just stop right now if you don't like spoilers... But I have read about the location for the first Yard Bird, when you get to Bjorn Ironclaws, stand where he is, turn to the left and circle around the King's house then follow the wooden path to the bird... Now here's the one I found by myself... If you're looking for the Bird in the Vigrid Roughland, it would take too long to tell you how to get there... Honestly I can't even remember how, so here's a little photographic tip... I CAN remember however that you MUST look out for a bear named Hans, go to him and follow the grassy path behind him... Here's a few pictures...
Well I hope this helped quite a few of you, I'll keep an eye out for more birds and keep you up to date... Cheers!


  1. Hello I was wondering if you would like to come for the first ever blog meet and greet. Where fans meet the bloggers and bloggers meet other bloggers. This would take place Sunday, July 12 at 5pm eastern time if you can make it get back to me but if you can't we will try to change the date and time so we can all make it. Hope to see you there

  2. Just to let you know about my first ever Comic Contest!

    -Anyone can enter!
    -The comic has to be Wizard 101 related
    -Entries can be submitted between July 22-August 13
    -No run-offs of anyone elses comics!
    -The winner's ( 2-3 ) will get to make a comic with me. Except YOU get to make up the theme!
    - You must submit all comics to me via e-mail;
    -Have fun! And relax, there's no rush in this race!

    Good Luck