Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Spiral Senses A New Hero...

Ello mates! The forces of the sprial have been out of shape quite recently... Why, just last night I woke up from my mansion to hear a strange sound outside my window. Naturally, I being a powerful wizard grabbed my spellbook and wand and went straight for the source of the sound. What I found was one of the most alarming things I could ever see... There it was outside my window, a blue chickencow... What's a chickencow? It's a little ongoing joke in but I can say that to them it says Cluck Cluck Moo, to me they always seem to say Cock-a-doodle-mooooooo. Anyways, I asked it what it was doing, so long and far away from it appropiate dimension of warriors and wars, and he replied "I have been sent from Zeuster to witness the coming of a new hero of the spiral... He will arrive very soon... I must be off..." And with that he disappeared in a flash of feathers... And I thought to myself what he could mean by new hero... Could there be an adventurer just starting his quest? Perhaps he meant a villain turned good... I pondered for a long time until I decided to consult my Scrying Orb... And in the orb I saw Friendly... And he was with a newborn child... I immediately understood... The Friendly Necromancer had been turned into a baby! And then that's when my butler slapped me. And then I REALLY understood... Needless to say very strange things started happening the following day... I arrived at the land of lost history, Krokotopia, and was very surprised to see it was in chaos... There were honestly MooShian items raining from the sky, and Grizzleheimic rune stones popping from the ground... And then all of a sudden it stopped and everything returned to it original state and time... And then I said to myself... "The baby must be kicking..." It was no wonder that this child truly had great potential, the only question was, it that's what happens when he kicks... What happens when he burps?... I sudder to think... Anyways, I must say congratulations on your newest addition to the spiral Friendly! I'm sure he'll be glad to be introduced to the world by such experts... And imagine, by the time he's 6-10 we might already have Celestia and a new unannounced world! Well, that's all for today, the spiral is churning again... Mysterious out!

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