Friday, November 26, 2010

Ah. The Sweet Smell of HTMLs

My library was throwing out a book, called Building a Web Site for Dummies. So, I asked them if I could have it and they were more than happy to hand it over. So I started reading, and it mentioned some of the things I wanted to do to this site. =] One of the things I still need however, is Javascript. So I can do cool effects, like Mouseover.

Needless to say however, I learned a LOT on how to fix this site up. For instance, you'll notice, I finally figured out how to expand my posting and sidebar range. I've moved around some of the things, like the Search Bar. I think it looks nicer up there, don't you? I also managed to get it down at the bottom of the page too. So, no more scrolling all the way back up! =]

One of the BIG things I managed to do however, which I should be making more often, is I made a Website on Dreamweaver, and I uploaded it onto the web! =]

The site I made, is a chart with all the Schools of Magic on it (Part of the Wizard 101 Fankit ;) Be sure to check it out) AND, all you need to do is click on the symbol for the school, and it'll take you to the Wizard 101 Central site for those spells. In the future though, I'll make a separate website for each of the school spells, just in case something happens over at Wizard Central, like a server meltdown, or a nuclear explosion. Or something. Maybe someone spills some coffee? D=

Anyways, you all probably know Gardening's out on Test.

Here's the lowdown on it!

When you turn level 12, Moolinda sends you a message to come see her. After gloating about how it's her job as the Life Teacher, to teach you about gardening, she sends you to Farley to do it instead. Silly Moolinda... Farley's a mole. I think... Farley will explain the different stages of a plant's life and how to help them grow up nice and strong. =]

Basically. Buy a pot from Farley. Not sure what the difference between Enchanted and Normal is, but maybe Enchanted makes it grow faster? You can also use the rank 1 Small Soil spell, and if you can, the rank 2 Medium Soil, spell. Then you plant the seed in it, and just take care of it when it needs something. My only complaint is that it takes Pet Energy to be able to use Gardening spells. A dark green extra orb wouldn't hurt. Heck, they could sell a Garden Master suit, and make even more money!

I already got started gardening. Here's what I had on the first 2 days:

Playing around with the pest removal spell on my Young Plant.

Inspecting it once it's almost Mature. OUCH!

Growing an Army in my Throne Room! Muahahah!

Eventually... After enough love and patience...

My Honey Sickles Grew!

My Royal Bomb Squad!

So did the ones in my Garden! =D

And course... Pay off, for all my hard work!


Happy Gardening! AND Happy Black Fridayning!

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