Saturday, November 27, 2010

My gosh...

I need another post. The other one was FULL. xD If I find another Gardener I'll post it there. But anyways. This is a short one. I harvested ALL my Boom Shrooms. And I noticed, that they all gave me Reagents.

So... I'm starting to notice a pattern here. My Desparagus ONLY gave me Minion Stuff. (Shield Minion for instance). My Honey Sickles ONLY give me blade cards. My Boom Shrooms, ONLY give me Reagents. I don't know what rank of reagent. But I did take a Screenshot of my crop harvest. =]

Make of it what you wish. x]

Also, I'll talk a tiny bit about Celestian furniture, by saying. I love the wall fountains.... Although, they're MUCH bigger than I expected. Here's how I placed them in my house... I didn't notice, but they match my wall perfectly with the stars! =D

You should pick some of those up. AND the Fish Fountain. I recommend it.

One last thing to say. Gardening space glitch. I have nowhere near the limit for overall max plants. And yet I can't plant anymore. D= So unfair. Here's what I mean.

SO UNFAIR! =[ Now my Stinkweed's all anti-symmetrical. =/ But ah well. I'm sure they'll fix it once Test opens fully, right now it's like we're just viewing the blueprints.

P.S. I think I saw Friendly, but I got disconnected for inactivity. xD Just in case he reads this and thinks I was being rude. xD OH, I'm Chase Silverbane, by the way. I say that, because last time I saw Friendly, I was chasing him down because he must have thought I was a paparazzi fan or something. xD Got stuck on a rock, and I lost him. Meh. I need to put somewhere visible on this site, that I'm Chase Silverbane. x]

Happy Harvesting!

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