Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello Marley, Charley and Harley!

Well. I've been procastinating searching for another gardener for a while now. But now that I got around to it, I thought about it. What world is the most lucious, and full of plants? My thoughts? MooShu. So I popped on over to MooShu, and low and behold! I found this person on my first try! Meet Marley, the advanced Gardener.

I just gotta say something right now. Is Marley trying to bankrupt me? O_o 25k for a spell that removes all types of pests seems a bit much. But ah well. Hopefully the rewards from bigger plants more than make up for the over cost of all these spells. 

Marley has some good spells though. All those Sun, Water, Music etc spells seem to affect a large area. Probably like the area of Pest Zapping? And of course, enchanted Med. soil and Enchanted Lrg. Soil. But I'm wondering. If he gives out Enchanted Med and Lrg soil. Who gives out Enchanted Small and Normal Lrg soil? O_o

I'm sure Marley and Farley aren't the only gardeners around. I can visualize a Marleybonian and Krokotopian pair of pots. Although, I think Marley would be better suited in... What else? MARLEYbone. Haha. Good luck getting to that coveted rank 5 Gardener! I'll try my best, but no promises. xD

Happy Bankrupting!

EDIT: I found Charley.

LOVELY! xD I like his spells. Pretty useful, if they can reach the width I have my plants in. I don't have them all together. Charley's spells have a Medium reach. And there's that Ench. Sml. Soil and Large Soil I was looking for. Also. Take a look at those wacky bushes. The berries are slices of bread. Haha! Caught me off guard.

*I searched all over Marleybone. No sign of another Mole. I even checked Digmoore Station. =/ I was hoping for a Barkley or Barley! =[

EDIT(again...): I found Harley.

Unexpectedly, I found another one on Celestia. Say hello to Harley!

Here's what he has to offer...

I love those pots! But now I'm starting to get irritated. I haven't found the Marleybone gardener... I really... REALLY... Want those Marleybone pots... To Match my MARLEYBONE house... With my MARLEYBONE furniture... And my MARLEYBONE clothes, that I stitched... Because my favorite world is MARLEYBONE... *pant* *pant*

Sorry... xD But as you can see... I'm a bit of a Marleybone afficionado. I checked Grizzleheim and Dragonspyre. Didn't find any Gardeners there either. Can you guys check those places too? AND Marleybone of course. xD I haven't found any to any avail. Or at least. Where I can get some of the Marleybone pots. xD

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