Monday, November 29, 2010

Wizard 101 Central Spell Lists Down?

I checked my Spells bar up there in the Naviation Bar, just to see if everything was in order. And after a long load, it opened Wizard 101 Central's spell list. But something seems to have happened to all the pictures, they're not showing. This is kinda what I meant by something going wrong at Wizard 101 Central. I'll see about the Wizard 101 Wiki instead perhaps. The only problem there is risk of vandalism. But I'll keep a close eye on the spells sections.

It could also just be MY computer. So I'd appreciate if someone would tell me if at this moment in time you guys can see the spells from the Spell button up there. Thanks!

Also. Test Realm is now "Officially" open. xD So I'm about to go see what they changed.

Happy Spell-ing!

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