Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Danger! Danger!

Alright everybody! Great news most of you should know! 

As you all know, KingsIsle has made an offer where if we hit 50,000 Facebook fans anybody who's a part of Wizard Central will get the awesome Danger Hound pet!

Guess what.

We're over 50,000! And that's not all... NEW offer!

Now, for every Facebook fan who joins besides the 50,000 we will receive that amount in gold!
This is great and so unexpected!

Seriously! We HAVE to spread the word about this! Imagine it my way...

We get 100k MORE Facebook fans... That means we get 100k gold in game... Now, last I recall the new houses were what? 100k? Basically we can get a school related house with that gold! So go on my fellow Wizards!


Happy Spreading!

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