Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

Phew, I am officially back from my vacation in Nicaragua! It was hot, literally...

But yeah, I'm back and I'm still unpacking our stuff as I speak but it was pretty great. Anyways, it's December, school appropriate housing's coming out, and it's almost time for Felix Navidad to hit the spiral! Phew, I logged in earlier today after seeing Friendly's post about the Death house...

I have to admit it's not the nicest of the houses but I think I made it look pretty beautiful... I'll edit in a picture of what I did to it in 10 minutes. Here's a hint, in my previous home I had an incredible amount of candles...

Sadly I'm not going to buy the death house for myself... I'm proud of my Marleybone mansion and I wouldn't have it any other way... As for Wolf, Oran, Tarlac, Ivan, and Dustin I'm pretty sure they'll want houses!

And, it's December as I said, which means... Time for the Christmas Track!

So go on out there and help KingsIsle test their houses! Be sure to tell them you can't go into some of the pools! X_x

Merry Testing!


  1. I definitely bug reported the "pool room" in the Myth house. So inviting, yet so stubbornly closed!

  2. Yesh it tore me apart... The balance waterfall too! And the death pool... While it's not exactly clean I'd rather enjoy walking in it still X_x