Monday, December 7, 2009

Tres Magnifique!

Ah tis the season for giving! And what better to give than a site update? Check out the new banner =D It's specially set for Christmas. I have wonderful music playing... Now if only I could figure out how to do those spiral buttons Friendly has... The site feels naked without buttons >_>

Care to give me a hand Friendly?

Anyways it's cold here... It's actually snowing... I've never seen snow so it's surprising that's it's snowing here in California... But yeah...

Happy Snow Eating!


  1. Where did Jinx go? Did he make it snow in CA or was it an Ice wizard? (sorry if i ask a lot of ?'s)

  2. Jinx is on his semi-millenial vacation ^_^ He's in Hawaii although I'm not sure why in the world he would go to somewhere hot... SO those of you in Hawaii, look our for a grumpy black raven ^_^

  3. Semi-millenial?

  4. Well see a millenia = 1000 years. So every 500 years Jinx has to go rest up or he turns to dust. He should consider me nice for letting him go...