Saturday, December 11, 2010

Balance has it's disadvantages...

And by this I mean... This game can never be 100% bug free. =(

They got rid of several bugs. But now there's a big one =( Quest Help doesn't work! D= It's busted. Which I mean. I'm just sad because I got used to it, so now I have to go back to my old days, when I pressed M every 3 seconds, to see where I was going. I hope they fix it soon though.

EDIT: By this I mean. It stays completely static. Nooooo movement or number changing whatsoever.

RE-EDIT: It seems to be fixed O_o' Maybe it was just one of those small bugs that only effects 1 person for like an hour or so. *shrugs* KI's still #1 then! x]

Happy M-pressing!


  1. Quest Helper was switched to Control+T

  2. Yes I know. But I mean that it just stays perfectly still. Always pointing forward, and never changes it's number.