Monday, December 13, 2010

Ask Jinx! Third Edition

Hi guys! I got a question in the mail recently, so I'll let Jinx take over and answer it! =] Take it away Jinx!

Thanks... Sigh. Alright, let's get this over with. So, yeah... Here's the question.

I am looking for the gardening guys in each world. Is there a list somewhere?

Yeah! To answer your question. There IS a list for the Gardening Moles in each world. And it's located, in none other than this very site! How convenient! 

In This Post Chase tells us where he finds all of the current Gardeners. Just so you don't have to go aaaaall the way back there to find it, though I'll just tell you here. You can find the Gardeners in Golem Court in Wizard City, next to the Pyramid in the Oasis in Krokotopia, in MooShu in the little shopping area of the commons, you can't miss him, and In Celestia, just in the commons. I hope this helps!

Thanks Jinx! Alright, guys. I'm off to go get that Nova... Maybe I shouldn't SAY that, because then I won't actually do it >_> I need to go find my Storm Friend who'll just push my way through DragonSpyre. ^_^'

Happy Leveling!