Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Power Nova Day 3

And still trying... I really need that Nova xD... It's so bad I can't stand it O_o'

I mean, I feel like really, I created it >_> I probably didn't, but nobody's ever confirmed to me when I asked them where they got their idea from. I remember a while ago, there was a thread on the thoughts of old power nova. It was originally, give 2 pips to all your friends. I suggested, that it do damage instead and additionally gave a weaken to each monster. When it got released I was bragging to all my friends, "Haha, KingsIsle took my suggestion!"

Regardless, even if they didn't get the suggestion from me. I had the idea before it came out, back when people wanted Nova to hit damage to everybody and have a 50% chance to KO everybody. Yeah, I'm sure that'll go into game, not that Ra's far behind on that idea...

Happy Suggesting!

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