Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lyrics to Marleybone Anthem

I created lyrics to the Marleybone Anthem! =] I hope you guys like them! I know I've been singing them for quite a while. More to come!

Marleybone Anthem

In Marleybone's eternal night, the stars and the moon will arise...

In Marleybone, the home of hounds... The moonlight's all, that lights your path...

Beware, beware! All's not as it seems. There's danger lurking in all of good ol' Marleybone.

Burglars. Clockwork drones. Spiders. Chimney Sweeps. Mazes. Hidden Doors. And so much more.

We're all in need, of a hero to praise. We're all in need, of a hero to revere!

But. Don't you fear. You're not alone. We are here. By your side.

Together. We will stand! For we shall end this disorder, with logic and tact.

~Instrumental Pause (Sounds Same as Line the third line)~

In Marleybone! In Marleybone! All hope is not lost. Fight back bretheren!

~Instrumental Ending~


  1. Dude, we have great PvP thinkers in-game. Unbalance, won't stop a smart Balance Wizard. I advise using a Balance Sword.

    Advantage: No Weakness (Creatures etc), During PvP no Balance Spells from other non-balance schools etc.

    Keep it up with your site I love it man.

    I'm a fellow blogger as well:

  2. I see what you mean xD I think it goes for the average Balance Wizard who just tries to get full pips and blast that. I know for a fact, there's some really sneaky and powerful Sorcerers out there who annihilate in PvP using awesome strategies. x] Still. I love all the Dispell cards.

    Nice to meet you by the way. I'll be sure to add you to my blogroll if I haven't already. =]