Friday, December 10, 2010


And I just need to say. Bravo KingsIsle. In this update, KI has somehow managed to fix each and every single well known bug, as well as release Gardening.

A few things to note though:

Balance Wizards: You guys are now better helpers. You can now use Helping Hands to revive friends! =] This is just one of those reasons I stopped working on Oran, my Balance Master. I hated having a Half-Heal spell. It now does 50+490 over 3 turns I believe. I think this is pretty deadly. With a Sanctuary goin' on, and a Guiding Light, you can effectively heal someone back up to most of their HP in no time. For 3 pips. Also! Unbalance has been added to Mildred Farseer. Balance Wizards should enjoy this dispell card, but so should most of you who hate fighting Balance in PvP.

Want some advice? Pop an Unbalance in your deck. Then when you fight a Sorcerer, keep it on the side, and right before they attack. BAM. Dispell. It'll hurt them so bad. They might as well lose. Keep shielding yourself from their attack in the meantime though, just in case! ;)

More in a while.

Happy Unbalancing!

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