Monday, January 11, 2010

So much process... It hurts!

We've all been very, very busy lately... Very diligently studying. Here's a lowdown on what everybody's accomplished for far...

Dustin has finished Krokotopia!

Wolf has arrived in MooShu, and has leveled up into the requirments for clothing there!
He's styling the best MooShu hat for myth ^_^

Oran has arrived at DragonSpyre and is making his way through the Plaza of Conquests!

And Chase is on an important mission, to document the history of the Spiral...

So that's what's been happening... We're progressing quite fine indeed. I actually need some help with BriskBreeze, so if anybody wants to volunteer, we'll talk it out X_x

Right, well as mentioned, I'm off to finish my mission. I'm sure my brothers have a lot of work to do as well...

Happy Missions!

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