Monday, January 11, 2010

The History of the Spiral Series: The First World

In the beginning the land was peaceful. It was just Lady Nightstar and Bartleby. The Great Tree and the Great Raven. Together and happy, but they soon became lonely. Their loneliness led them to the decision to create children. They created the fierce Dragons, the powerful Tritons, and the might Giants. The children divided the First World upon themselves. The Dragons took the land, the Giants ruled from the skies, and the Tritons controlled the seas. Peace reigned during this time. But as with all things, peace does not last forever. Soon they began to fight over what each other owned, and who was the most powerful. Thus they created what we now know of, as the first schools of magic. The Dragons began using powerful spells of Fire in defense against the Tritons and the Giants. The Giants developed the magic of Ice to combat the Tritons and the Dragons. And the Tritons, invented the powerful spells of Storm, to rise up against the Dragons and the Giants. The constant fighting saddened Bartleby and Raven. Eventually, the fight went so far that the very world itself broke apart into pieces. As the pieces of the First World scattered, Lady Nightstar thought quickly and without haste, threw the Spiral out into the universe, trapping all of the pieces into place. Bartleby was left alone and his roots were left only to a small part of the once glorious land. From this day forth, the creatures that once inhabited the First World would each develop their own different cultures and history. This was the beginning of the separate histories of the Worlds of the Spiral. The First World was no longer one world, but many...

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