Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ask Jinx! Second Edition

Ello mates! It's been a long time since you guys sent in some questions. Again! Remember you can send them to with your in game name and I'll have them answered. But I've gotten a few this week. So Jinx is ready to answer! X_x Some of these are strategy questions, and the some are asking about equipment.

Before we start though. Our hearts go out to those affected in the Haiti Earthquake. If you would like to help please donate to the American Red Cross International Response

And now on with the show.

Ask Jinx!

Sigh... You know the deal... Need I even talk?

Ivan MoonWeaver asks...

i heard about this boss in dragonspyre thats a big pain my friend told me that she usess all these shields and stuff making her nearly impossible to beat. who is she and how are yo usupposed to beat her?

Right... Well I believe the boss you're talking about is Mavra Flamewing...

Well basically, this battle isn't as hard as your friend makes it sound. It's true that she gets heavily shielded. But you shouldn't worry about that. When you first talk to her she's going to be saying. Shield yourself, defend yourself. Ignore her. She's storm so if you're myth, this is a god sent boss. Your Earthquake and Minotaur will eat through her shields and if not, well it's not the end of the world. She's really your main target. She comes along with 2 Protection Pox, which are mainly the ones who keep dishing out the shields to her. Ignore them for the time being. You should really focus on her. Once she's out of the way then it's all downhill from there. If you're going to be at least a little bit protective, I suggest you bring some sort of Storm Shield. Anything more is useless. Once you've got her down, just attack until the Pox die. It might take a while though what with all the shields. You should get a minion out in case you run out of cards and for some strange reason don't have Reshuffle. Her minions CAN use Spirit shield... It's annoying we know, and they can use them repeatedly, but if you're death you can just by pass those... If you're myth just break them down with a good Earthquake if you have it. And for the rest of you, just smack away until they all break, you and your minions.

Phew... Next question.

Haley IronBane asks...

My myth friend just reached level 41 and he told me that he was already set for DragonSpyre. He told me that his main character that's a life guy, got the best myth hat and traded it via the bank to him. But when I went to check on Central, I saw that it said no trade. Is he lying or is it something else I'm missing?

Hmm... Well... I believe this is the hat you're talking about? 

I see what you mean here. It clearly says no trade doesn't it? However, I believe sometime during a recent update those types of hats were made tradeable. I know this for a fact, because Chase found that exact same hat, and traded it to his younger brother Wolf. By the way on a side note... Your friend isn't exactly "set" in DragonSpyre yet. One, he has to be a Grandmaster to wear that hat. He's gonna be in MooShu clothing for about 9 levels if he's gonna wait. And then there's the robe, and shoes, and athame, and ring, and deck, and sword, and pet. So... You might be busy soon helping him farm for all those! 

Well that's all for today... Chase has some silly book thing going on, so stay tuned for that... And a new post for a spell suggestion many of you balance wizards will love...

This has been Jinx signing out... Stay evil... >=)

Happy Eviling!


  1. Well, I must say, this being my first time reading your blog Sorion, its very good. Not to many blogs keep me interested.. But yours is one that is bookmarked :P I look forward to reading more of your posts and I hope to one day meet you in game - very interesting person you are Sorion -

    Now, on topic to the post (As you see, I can get side tracked..)

    My suggestion - for Miss Marva Flamewing - is to kill the Pox first. Oh, please kill the Pox first, to save yourself the headache! I remember fighting her like it was yesterday.. I (Storm) was teamed up with my pal Steven (Balance) against Miss Flamewing and her Pox minions. I dread this boss, you see, for the massive shielding those little Pox do. But, I decided, since I have so many beautiful power pips ^-^, to take out those Pox as fast as possible.

    Long story short - I defeated the Pox fast, and Steven grabbed the boss. It really was like 1-2-3. Very easy..

    But of course, everyone has their opinions. None are right or wrong, simply, an opinion.

  2. Yup yup, it's different for all the students. Especially if you're soloing. Mine's a downhill strategy though, so that might explain the difference. Take out the one who deals damage first, and then wipe out the non damaging mates. Personally, I'd do that if I were Storm or something and couldn't handle taking too much damage. But yours sounds REALLY good too. So it just proves how many strategies this game has. Glad to see you're interested in the site by the way! =) Nice to know people read my posts. I have a feeling Balance people are going to appreciate one of my latest card suggestions coming up... >=)

  3. Very true.. Card duels are never the same, stratagies vary everytime, depending on how it plays out. I can see where your coming from though, from a soloing point of view.

    Your posts are definetly interesting. I quite like the "Ask Jinx" part :P