Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BriskBreeze Tower... A Place... Of EBIL!

Right so... Melissa, her mother, and I all went into BriskBreeze tower cold, only rumors as knowledge.

Originally I'd heard about the bosses being able to skip you... The meteors... The works!

So I made sure to be careful of course. I have to say however, that KingsIsle designed this place, to wipe you out on your first shot if you haven't experienced it before... Here's the video of our first shot going inside... Our strategy was simple, kill the Scarecrow quickly and then worry about the measly little minion...

I'm sure KingsIsle realized most of us think like that xD (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to pause the music if it disturbs your viewing)

Ouch... Needless to say we tried it again, in full knowledge of what awaited now. (Well not really but at least that first boss ^_^)

We defeated him. And then we realized he was only the first of the weakest... And then we ran into all sorts of problems with computers and stuff xD

Gee, we're horrible! But, needless to say... We shall venture into that dark place again in the future... Why? I am down to 2 single quests! That, and to craft Marleybone items... Scrap Iron hates me so... This comes first! ^_^

In other news! I'm at a party right now at Stormdrain Tower. I can barely walk >_> So head on over to Test Realm and help crash these servers! =D You also get some crowns just for logging in. Only on Test Though! X_x

Happy Rescuing!

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