Monday, January 11, 2010

The History of the Spiral Series: Marleybone

With Marleybone now being an independent world on its own. Its inhabitants began to adapt to their surroundings. Marleybone luckily, was a piece of the First World filled with rich resources. It natives began to advance and develop and thus began the civilizations of Marleybone. The Dogs of Marleybone were originally tribes who warred with each other constantly. Peace was at a loss during this period of time. But a great hunter by the name of Beormutt defeated all of the other clans in a mighty battle. The Dogs realized what a waste of life it was to war, and it was then sworn that all Dogs should only strive for peace. Over the years Marleybone began to advance in both technology and the arts. While the idea of kings became more and more despised, the Marleybonians became interested in ancient Marleybone, thus began the era of what is now known as, The Rebirth. The idea of kings was lost, and the most brilliant of Marleybone were the poets and the scientists, such as Lady Chelsea and Sir Laurence Hyde.  With this great new age of rediscovering ancient knowledge, new inventions were born, one of the most notable being the printing press. The Rebirth not only affected the sciences, but the kingdom itself, starting with Queen Ellen. One day, a popular printer ended up in prison because he spoke out against the government. The people were outraged and a revolt seemed likely. However, Queen Ellen released him and formed a parliament. This period of time was named, the Golden Age. The Golden Age forever changed science in Marleybone, but the greatest of the discoveries, would be made by Herold Digmoore. Herold Digmoore studied ancient myths for parliament. One evening he spoke a line of ancient text and suddenly found himself in Wizard City! With the discovery of the Spiral and of power, new scientific inventions were inspired, as well as the exploration of other worlds and of their ancient past. Science and magic were now moving at a faster pace than ever seen before in Marleybone. Life became leisure as Marleybonians no longer had to do hard jobs like farming. However, the advances allowed certain individuals to become more powerful than others. Marleybone had been stable for a long time, but the shifts of power could eventually come to unbalance Marleybone’s stability. But so long as peace reigned in Marleybone, other worlds would look to Marleybone for enlightenment and knowledge. Eventually, peace was disrupted in Marleybone as the Civil War began. The sneaky Cats began to fight with the Dogs and soon a war broke out. Eventually after much struggling, the Dogs of Marleybone had won the war. Peace had been restored for the time being. But years later, rumors of a cat gang began to arise…

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