Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NPC of the Day

Ello fellows Wizards! I've been working on something =P I love Friendly's cards, and I decided I wanted to make some of my own. But then I realized, that I couldn't find a single darn template for cards. Go figure, maybe I just can't find any xD

So I decided, to give up, and make my own cards. Obviously, as you can see by my blog here, I love technology xD Anything that looks digital and cybernetic. I ALSO realized, that we ignore the NPCs a lot. Friendly does a great job with spells and players, but I haven't found a single place where anybody's made any cards of the NPCs... Since this is the first day, I won't be using an actual NPC today, instead I made one of myself ^_^ so you can see how the cards look like. =)

Chase SilverBane

Right! I misspelled spiral xD But we'll pretend the world misspelled sprial =) That's how all the future NPC cards are gonna look, the NPCs should all feel better and drop their lawsuits now! ^_^

*NPCs leave with their lawyers*

Happy Technological Creations!

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