Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday 13th!

Ello and welcome to yet another Friday the 13th!

Now usually people associate this day with machete wielding maniacs, bad luck, and bill day! But I don't believe anything bad happens, it's all merely coincidence! ^_^ *trips over a spellbook*



Just a slight incident, I left that book there, my fault... T-T

Anyways as I was saying, absolutely nothing bad will happen to anybody today!
Oh, see ya little black kitty!

*piece of ceiling falls on head*

Ouch! I told those Gobblers to stop dancing so dang hard!

Anyways, personally I love Friday 13th! It comes along at unexpected times and that's why it's special! Here, I have a book I wanted to show you! *walks under bookshelf ladder*

And it's called... *reaches out for it*

Why Friday 13 is Better Than Thursday 12!

*bookshelf tilts and lands on Sorion*

Gah! X_x

That's FINE! There's NOTHING wrong! Just a loose bolt I suppose!

ANYWAYS, forget the book then, I need to go wash my face from all this book dust...

*begins to rinse face...*
*dries off and looks into mirror*
*turns around with fear*

The Diary Page Ends There...

Happy Living...

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