Thursday, November 12, 2009

Valentine's Quickly Approaching!

Well Veteran's Day has passed and as we remember those who have given their lives for a country, let us take a moment of silence to honor them...


Now then, Valentines day is 2 days away and it's almost time for that warm hearted SnuggleFest =D Expect some Valentines Day themed stuff to be in town this month!

Also, this might ALSO be a great way to make crowns... If you're not in middle school then maybe you should pass out your Valentine's Day cards and stick your friend code and site on them...

Spread the Wizardly love, eh?

Middle School and up this doesn't work too well, people start judging you at that age >_>

Give it a try if you're bold enough though, nobody's stopping you ^_^

Well that's it for now, I believe change of music is in order!

Pffft, what a stupid holiday...

Happy Snuggling!


  1. you know its not a stupid holiday <33333333333333333333 LOVE YOUUU

  2. Ignore Jinx, he's just mad cuz he doesn't have a date ^_^ SnuggleFest as I call it is one of my favorite holidays! =D Following Halloween, Christmas, and Friday the 13th of course!

  3. Yesh, I love Halloween... Christmas of course comes naturally, and Friday the 13th is one of my all time favorites!

  4. I was talking about the Jinx part.