Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moving Up!

So Oran Dawnwielder doesn't want to go up the ranks in MooShu so he's taken a little break thanks to KingsIsle! I went on yesterday and a little bit today to move up the ranks in Grizzleheim! I just finished The Pass and I'm heading into the Roughlands now where a village is in peril and needs a hero who has the power to defeat many great things!

Ah, I almost forgot, I'm in the process of making a wallpaper for everybody out there! Each and every school and they're assigned familiar...

Death = Wraith,

Life = Unicorn,

Myth = Cyclops,

Storm = StormZilla,

Fire = Helephant,

Ice = Colossus,

Balance = Justice (What I call the lady who executes a Judgement)

I'm also going to make one of all the dominating Familiars as in:

Death = Wraith

Life = Centaur

Myth = Orthrus

Ice = Colossus

Fire = Helephant

Storm = Stormzilla

I'll fill ya in when I get them done for ya!

Till then...
Happy Artistic Painting!

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