Sunday, November 15, 2009

Onward To History!

Ivan Willowdust is the name and I am quickly on my way to Krokotopia! I'm Chase's brother, youngest of them all! I was enrolled in the School of Life by Headmaster Ambrose because I have an optimistic and cheery personality and my familiar healed him from a paper cut! Poor Headmaster, so much paperwork from all those oncoming students... I do wish I could help further... 

Oh dear, I have an idea! Chase, might you be so kind as to lend me Jinx?

Sure, he's not doing anything, might as well put him to some work, right?

Hey, what are you saying, I'm not some toy you can just lend to children, I am a powerful wizard with the power to destroy worlds!

You look like a bird to me?...


Grrr... Fine, I suppose I don't have much choice... What is it you want child?

I want you to go do Headmaster Ambrose's paperwork for him!

What!? There's like a million student applications in there! Please tell me you're joking!

Sorry, Jinx, I'm not joking! ^_^ Good luck with that though! Here's an apple to keep up the spirit!


Alright, well I have to go back to my studies! ^_^ And to those of you catching on quickly in the Spiral, here's a gift as you enter Krokotopia, courtesy of KingsIsle!

Bye Chase! Good luck Jinx!

Cheers, little bro! As for me, I have other matters to attend to. Good luck to those of you in the lower worlds!

Happy Rising!


  1. wow nice wallpaper cool personally I like the mooshu one and is there one for wizard city?

  2. I'm not sure actually X_x I'll have Oran search around for one, but I think there is...

  3. i skipped the test and i chose death. this school fits my atitude.
    myth is for people who are cheerful.
    life is too
    death is for goth people and very evil people
    storm is for the hot heads
    fire is for normal people and pyromaniacs
    ice is for weirdos (no offense ice people)
    balance is for the people who setle arguments. ( NOT ME)