Saturday, October 10, 2009

Overhaul Challenge: Complete!

Ah, the sweet smell of victory... My site's officially been nicely overhauled... Took a bit of work, but what do you know? It looks pretty nice... The header problem was fixed thanks to a nice blog I found letting me know how to get rid of that horrible border problem...

The header itself has been changed...

Music's playing beautifully in the background...


The counter's slowly about to reach 100! Like I said, hitting triple digits makes me feel a bit happier so... Make me feel happy people!

There's still a few tweaks and fixes I can make to give it that homey feel, but for now The Reneverian Hex lives again!

In an undead form that is...?

Ah yes, by the way I read Friendly's post about crowns and here's my friend code too, just in case ya know?


Happy Resurrections!

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