Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Underdog Moves Up!

I was looking through my Facebook and then I saw a message from Wizard 101 saying that they just made it to 3rd place in the Top 10 MMOs!

Congrats KingsIsle you really deserve this, and when I hopefully apply for a job there in a few years, yep that's my career choice, you'll probably the #1 game out there...

You have to remember that KingsIsle isn't like Blizzard, it didn't start out with a ton of cash and support but rather started well off and small like an ordinary business!

I've seen a lot of they're behind the scenes videos and the offices look really moderate, nothing luxurious at all...
At the start probably not many people believed in them but now look at them! One of the TOP TEN...

Here's the official Facebook post!

Wizard101 lists Wizard101 as #3 in their Top Ten List of MMOs since WoW and the number one kid's game! Check out the article!

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Congratulations once more Wizard 101! I'm going to check and see if Wizard 101 has a new fountain The Commons! Happy Ranking!

In further news, scientists and psychologists have just announced that World of Warcraft causes people to lose their grip on reality and virtually speaking go crazy! Parents are advised to keep children away from WoW...

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