Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Days of Epicness!

Ah the sweet feeling of the wind blowing in your hair as your ride through the Spiral on a brand new horse!

The release has been live and I've been enjoying every single bit of it!

My first order of business was to get my mount... I originally had planned to get the Black Stallion mount as you can all tell. But Chase Silverbane is the most generous of my Wizards and he offered to buy the Chestnut Horse rather than the Stallion. This works out great in 2 ways!

The first way is that the Chestnut Pony is only 50,000 gold which I happened to have!

And the second way...

Is that the second oldest brother, Oran DawnWielder is a Balance Wizard decked out all in Brown! Now you tell me that Brown Horse with Brown Clothing doesn't match!

Following my mount purchase I decided to try it out by heading for MooShu and Marleybone to activate the teleport stones there! 

After that was finished I was little disappointed to realize that to stitch my clothing was crown only and the same with henchmen... I really wouldn't mind if they multiplied the crown cost into gold because henchmen are really useful when soloing and stitching my clothes would have solved my problem with the Death and Balance Malliastaire robes... But life's life and since I have no crowns at all I'll have to settle for the good ol' fashioned way I'm used to! Taking the easy way reaps no rewards you know...

I remember once in DragonSpyre where there was a tower I had to complete to get my Drake Egg... And I have pretty much soloed the entire game up to then... So I went in confident as ever and began fighting my way through hordes of monsters... There was a point where I had 1 health point left and I narrowly won. 

After about 20 floors I thought I made it to the boss and started to cry from all my hard work... And then when the minions started loading I saw they were a group of 3 in total... I went in because I was hoping that only 2 of them would go in but I was wrong... And that was my first ever 3 on 1 match! So as always good logic deems that you should get rid of the minions first since the more damage you're taking the worse... So I poisoned the minions until they died and then I was left with this boss of over a thousand health, probably over 2 thousand... And me having probably half my health left... But what can all Death wizards do that other schools envy?


So I began to lay my traps and charms and weave my little web of pain until at last I was ready to attack... I had about 250 health left I attacked first and the boss had 5 pips. If I didn't make the shot I most likely lost unless she fizzled which was highly doubtful... So I crossed my fingers and attacked and wouldn't you know it, the attack didn't fizzle! And I smiled at the sight of my Wraith swallowing up her soul in one single gulp of 10,000 health, thereby fully healing me. I'm not sure if there were more monsters after that but one thing I know for a fact, is that I made it out of there alive and went on with the rest of my adventures...

So what has this painfully long story taught you? A hint I would probably be the poem by Robert Frost:

"Two roads diverged in the woods, and I
I took the one less traveled by.
And that has made all the difference..."

Basically that experience taught me everything I know about dueling today... When and how to place traps and blades... How much damage all my cards do and what how the percentages work... Everything and I mean everything... If I had had help in that tower I probably would have just relied on them to heal me back up when I got low and then what would I have learned? When in danger, wait for help?

Anyways, that my story and I''m sticking to it! Stay tuned as this following week we explore more of the new features and how they've changed from the test versions! Happy Exploring!

P.S. The Houses are coming...

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